Game Educators Summit

Dr. Mary Kayler at the Game Educators Summmit 2017

Dr. Mary Kayler at the Game Educators Summmit 2017

Last year, as part of the Gotland Game Conference, we hosted our first Game Educators Summit in conjunction with HEVGA. This was an attempt to bring educators together specifically to discuss Game Educations in Europe, and if our needs as Higher Education are different to the US, and what a European Alliance would look like.

This discussion continues in 2018, with a proposed HEVGA International Working Group assembling during the Gotland Game Conference. Are you a game educator with an interest in connecting with other educators across the globe? Are you willing to share your experience and insights to improve the field? Join us in June!

More information to come!

About the Educators Summit

Over the past 10-15 years, educations for game design and development have appeared in a number of universities across the globe. The Game Educators Summit is designed to bring everyone together and take stock of where we are now: discuss what have we learned, look at how we teach, reflect on our common problems, and more importantly; ask where we go from here?

Split into two days and bookending the Gotland Game Conference, The Department of Game Design at Uppsala University, in conjunction with the Higher Education Video Games Alliance (HEVGA), intends for the summit to build bridges between educations and provide some clear actions to improve the field we work in. We believe that, as a young interdisciplinary subject, we need a platform that speaks for us all: a unified advocacy, a media amplifier taking local achievements global, a better way to secure funding, knowledge and a network that recognizes the cultural, scientific, and economic importance of game educations in colleges and universities.