Category: Jury

  • Mårten Jonsson

    Mårten Jonsson

    Producer at Deloryan B.V Experienced game developer, teacher, and manager.

  • Eric Osana

    Eric Osana

    Co-founder at Nexile AB Created a company from scratch, it’s been a ride!

  • Arvid Edström

    Arvid Edström

    Game Designer & Programmer at Might and Delight Talk to me about working in Unity, or about working with tech art as a programmer in various areas (rendering, UI, lighting, etc)!

  • Karl Åbom

    Karl Åbom

    Lead VFX Artist at Fatshark I create real-time visual effects using particles and shaders while making sure the game is performant and that these match the art direction.

  • Aydin Afzoud

    Aydin Afzoud

    Action Gameplay Director at Ubisoft Stockholm 10+ years of AAA Game Design experience working for Bethesda and Ubisoft.

  • Tove Backenroth

    Tove Backenroth

    Junior Gameplay Programmer at 10 Chambers Increasing designers’ quality of life and making cool game mechanics that (hopefully) work.

  • Adam Jerrett

    Adam Jerrett

    Lecturer/Game Designer at the University of Portsmouth I am a lecturer and game designer who loves making pervasive games that blur the boundaries of the magic circle and make us better people!

  • Álvaro Azofra

    Álvaro Azofra

    Associate Professor of Videogames at Ort University / Former Ironhide Games Director and Founder Professor at ORT University and former founder of Ironhide Game Studio, specializing in game development with a focus on game design.

  • Andy Phelps

    Andy Phelps

    Professor & Director at American University Game Center 25 years of teaching games, founder of top 10 programs, shipped titles on XBOX, president, and co-founder of HEVGA.

  • Rika Lim

    Rika Lim

    Lead Level Designer at Starbreeze Been in the industry for over 8 years, specializing in level design, team management/development, and mentoring. Don’t hesitate to reach out!