Gotland Game Conference 2011 is hosted by Gotland University.

Event Producers are Anne Duse and Ulf Benjaminsson at the department of Game Design, Technology and Learning Processes.

The Event Team:
Mait Juhlin (Showfloor Manager)
Madeleine Petersson (Project Assistant)
Johan Rundqvist (Graphic Design)


Cramérgatan 3
621 67 Visby, Sweden
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Anne Duse

Email: Phone Number:
anne.duse(at) +46 (0)709-521206

Responsible for: media, PR, hosting, sponsorship, jury examination, ceremony, seminars etc

Ulf Benjaminsson

Email: Phone Number:
ulf.benjaminsson(at) +46 (0)498-299129

Responsible for: showfloor, web, photo / video, presentations, the local game industry panel etc.