Our Programmes

The core of Gotland Game Conference is the exhibition of student projects: games and movies. The booths are manned by the students themselves, so this is an excellent opportunity to meet our current student body and get the skinny on our education.

We offer several programs in game and film production:

They all span three years, but GAME also offers an elective fourth year; two courses in International Game Production Studies (60 ECTS each). We also offer plenty of netbased courses all year around.

Applying to an education is done through studera.nu!


GAME is the largest department of Gotland University and the first game education in Scandinavia. Our facilities are equipped with modern technology to ensure high quality student work. We provide campus students with computers, office spaces and a Motion Capture studio.

Ours is a profoundly project-oriented environment, with students working together to create games and movies every semester. Our skilled teachers aim at providing the students with a deep knowledge of the practical appliances of graphics, sound and programming within the field of modern game- and film production.

We work very hard to keep our staff educated, updated and in contact with the industry. Over the years we’ve built a strong reputation and a massive international network, enabling us to invite guest lecturers from all over the world on a regular basis.