Brian Schwab (Blizzard)

Brian Schwab (Blizzard)

Date: April 4, 2011

Brian Schwab is a Senior AI/Gameplay Engineer at Blizzard Entertainment. He has over 15 years industry experience, including 13 published titles. He has worked seemingly forever on making engaging and fun game experiences by using a MacGyver style combination of anything nearby: be it academic AI techniques, hand rolled state/tree hybrid systems, or multiplying his birthday with the sum of the jump button presses divided by the number of current extra guys. Brian has done work in AI, gameplay, game design, and has even been lead designer on a few titles. He s worked at companies ranging from three person start ups to SCEA. His projects have ranged from edutainment to location based thrill rides to his current gig on a super-secret project at Blizzard. When not cramming fun into a C++ compiler, he has also spent a good deal of time writing. His book AI Game Engine Programming recently released its second edition, and hes also been an AI editor for the Game Programming Gems books.

Industry Credits
PC Title: Candyland for Hasbro Interactive.
Arcade: Savage Quest for Angel Studios
PS1: Medal of Honor: Underground for Dreamworks Interactive
XBOX: Buffy the Vampire Slayer for Fox Interactive
PS2,PS3: NBA 2003-2009 serires for Sony Computer Entertainment of America
PC: Battlenet for Blizzard Entertainment
PC: Starcraft 2 for Blizzard Entertainment

Brian is presenting a talk on more believable Artificial Intelligence – first thing on the second day of GGC.


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