Karin Ryding (Ozma)

Karin Ryding (Ozma)

Date: May 25, 2011

Karin Ryding started her career as a web programmer, experiencing those crazy years of the rise and fall of the so-called “IT-bubble”. She went on to study Game Development at Gotland University. Still a student she was the co-initiator of SuperMarit, a EU funded project about women and games. She also led workshops in Digital Storytelling on Gotland and on Zanzibar.

Ozma’s mission is to offer innovative game concepts to individuals, businesses and organizations. Believing that playfulness and participation are the best strategies for achieving sustainable change in individuals, organizations and society at large, we use the tools of play and games to strengthen social situations, experiences and communication.

In Ozma Karin has the role both of game designer and of project leader. Karin has a strong interest in working with project and ideas where there is room for experiments, exploration of user experiences and innovative media uses.

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