Kian Bashiri (Might & Delight)

Kian Bashiri (Might & Delight)

Date: May 8, 2011

Kian Bashiri grew up on Macromedia Flash. He was first attracted to it as a tool for animating but gradually got more interested in coding, finding it to be an incredibly expressive and rewarding way to design.

While studying game programming at Stockholm’s University and School of Future Entertainment, Kian put his time to good use by getting involved with the Swedish independent games scene and making several lauded hobby projects – for instance Swarm; a Swedish Game Awards winning mobile game and Metro rule of conduct; an experimental game about the awkward situation of commuting on the Stockholm subway. In 2008 he released his most well known game, the very conceptual You Have To Burn The Rope which was highly praised for it’s tongue-in-cheek commentary on the role of interactivity in games.

To this date You Have To Burn The Rope has been played five million times, it has been featured on exhibitions, Gamasutra placed it in its annual Top 5 Indie Games list and in 2009 it was nominated for the prestigious Independent Games Festival Innovation Award.

After an internship at EA DICE where he researched and developed an AI path following solution Kian joined new game studio Might and Delight to create a playful retro-flavored pearl of a game.

Working with code and text all day he has recently grown a strong interest for typography.

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