Linda Dahlberg (apegroup)

Linda Dahlberg (apegroup)

Date: May 3, 2011

With over 30 titles in the bag, Linda has been involved in making games and applications on a range of platforms – from PSX and Nokia N-Gage to PS3 and iPad. And most devices in between.

Linda entered the industry in 2002, working with functionality & localization testing at a test house in Glasgow. In 2006 she moved down to Cambridge to head up the QA team at Ninja Theory, working on Heavenly Sword for PS3.

In 2008 it was time to return to Sweden again, to join the Stockholm based developer GRIN – working as an associate producer on Bionic Commando for PS3 and X360, and later acting producer on the PC version of the title.

Since 2010, Linda has been managing a number of development projects on mobile platforms with apegroup – a digital agency specializing in mobile services. Producing applications for iPhone, iPad and Android, the award-winning studio helps companies to reach out to their customers in new digital ways.

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