Linda Kiby (Paradox)

Linda Kiby (Paradox)

Date: April 19, 2011

Linda started out doing a thesis at Avalanche, where she stayed for another four years as level designer and later technical designer. Just Cause 2 was the main project she worked on there. Right now she works for Paradox Interactive, a game developer and publisher. There she does IT, tech support, in-game localization and installers but the main work task is community manager.

Paradox has in a few years established as a leading strategy games publisher in the international games industry. We work with developers and distributors all over the world and you can find our games at Walmart, EB Games, Steam and Gamersgate among others.

At Paradox we have a lot of different positions. Programmers, historical researchers, game designers, QA and event scripters for the internal development team and on the publishing side we can work with sales, marketing, PR, project management and as producer for our third party titles.

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