Robert Tatnell (Lionhead)

Robert Tatnell (Lionhead)

Date: May 7, 2011

Rob Tatnell is a rising star in video games development and is fast becoming one of the leading visual effects artists of the industry. After graduating from the Britain’s prestigious National Centre for Computer Animation he was quickly swept up into the video games industry at the hands of Sony Computer Entertainment. With a strong artistic and technical background, Rob is always pushing for blockbuster special effects on every project. He has worked on several exceptional titles such as Heavenly Sword (Ninja Theory) and Killzone 2 (Guerrilla) and is currently working at Lionhead Studios in the UK on their multi-million selling Fable franchise. Most recently responsible for over half of the effects on Fable III he is presently leading the FX charge on an exciting unannounced project.

In his spare time Rob keeps his passion for strange and experimental video games alive by working on his own small scale iOS and Xbox Live projects. He also takes a great interest in the orient and after having studied Japanese for many years he enjoys losing himself in books on Japanese lore, history, culture and art.

Rob is keen to see projects that think beyond the normal and into the experimental, and is very much looking forward to seeing the creativity on display at the conference.

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