Scott Jon Siegel (Playdom)

Date: February 13, 2011

Scott Jon Siegel was employee #70 or so at Zynga, where he was lead design on Word Scramble for iPhone, and a game designer on Café World for Facebook, which at its peak had 10 million people playing it every day!

He cut his game design teeth at area/code in New York, creators of hits like Drop7 on iPhone, Parking Wars on Facebook, and CSI: Crime City on Facebook. area/code was recently acquired by Zynga to become Zynga New York.

Around that same time he wrote regular columns for both Escapist Magazine and Joystiq, on the design of non-digital games, and reviewing non-digital games, respectively.

Currently, he’s working as a Game Designer at Playdom. He was Design Lead on City of Wonder.

Scott has a presentation during the second day of GGC, trying to bring indie game developers on to the social gaming scene.

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