Date: May 13, 2011

Apostate is a 3vs1 arena platformer where social manipulation plays a large role. The game is set in a temple being invaded by monsters. Three of the players co-operate to gather resources by blessing the humans occupying the temple , fight the monsters and discover the Fallen hiding in their midst before the last showdown. The goal of the Fallen is to curse the humans and generally sabotage the other players efforts, without being detected.

At the end of each round, the Fallen sheds his angel form and emerges as the final boss. Based on the amount of blessed/cursed humans, the strenght of the angels and the Fallen vary greatly. Because the Fallen isn´t reveled until this moment, and the players are free to attack each other at all times, we predict that 68 % of future wars will stem from the conflicts generated by Apostate.

The game will be playable on Xbox 360 and PC through its development in XNA.

Andreas Bergqvist – Producer,
Jonas Pensjö – Lead Programmer, Spokesperson
Johan Sjöström – Lead Designer
Jonathan Gard – Lead Art
Filippa Gannholm – Lead Gui
Oskar Jungell – Music


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