Iter Caelum

Iter Caelum

Date: May 21, 2011

Iter Caelum is latin and can be translated into Way of the Sky.
Iter Caelum is a two player co-op platform obstacle arcade where the two players must work together to get through various types of obstacle filled levels.
The game will be played using a joystick to control a single character and an unique wheel for controlling parts of the map. Thou this game is mainly focused on two player co-op it could be played alone as you can control both the character and the map by yourself. This without changes to the game mode.

This game is built with XNA, Photoshop and SAI easy tool.

Linus Bohm – Producer
Jonathan Schramm – Lead Designer
Elise Fogelström – Art Director
Lena Brömster – Graphic Artist
Joakim Fridlund – Lead Programmer


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