Date: May 13, 2011

Slingshot is a team based space shooter game with focus on navigation through the forces of gravity. The Slingshot team (Abstract Reality) has labored to produce a physics based experience, coupled with a traditional space shooter, and creating a new kind of game play which is unique on today’s market. Using the gravity around each planet the players can go into orbits to change direction. They can also fire their engines at the opportune moment to slingshot around the map while saving their fuel.

Slingshot´s primary game mode on GGC is called Gold Rush. It involves two teams of players who compete against each other to win the most precious golden asteroids for their home world. Every team member has a ship equipped with both weapons and a grappling hook, which is the players’ most important interface. Using the tools will allow the players to tow asteroids into orbit around their home world to score points. The team with most points wins.

Our teams are Planet Freedom and Planet Brotherhood. Both teams have a whacky assortment of characters and ships based upon familiar caricatures from the cold war’s space race.

The graphic tools that we have used in development are 3D max, Photoshop CS4 and Zbrush.
Our programmers have worked with Visual Studio 2010, XNA 4.0, Farseer Physics Engine, F-MOD (Audio mode) and .NET ( Dot NET) for networking.

Carolina Lindblom – Producer
Christopher Hjort – Lead Designer
Jerker Gullbrand – Lead Artist
Robin Jensen – Lead Programmer
Jimmy Johansson – 3D Artist
Malin Mellgren – 3D Artist
Magnus Bergall – 3D Artist
Christoffer Forslund – Programmer
Marcus Flysjö – Programmer
Nicholas Svan Larsson – Programmer


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