Resident Evil Tribute

Resident Evil Tribute

Date: May 21, 2011

Being inspired by the horror films and games since childhood it was only natural for me, when given the chance to make my own film within that genre. Resident Evil has been and still is a major name in the zombie horror section, growing up playing the games I wanted to make a tribute film to the series.
I’ve mostly worked with 3ds max to do the 3D modeling and also animate most parts; another program that has been of much use has been Photoshop to do the textures and some effects. Then to help make some more effects or make the once existing even better I used Adobe After Effects before putting all of it into the Adobe Premiere and combine it all.
When doing the film I wanted to make sure to be able to capture a horror feeling, from that you’re being chased to something unexpected happens, however, making a horror film was hard but still very fun.

Anna Ekberg


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