Date: May 8, 2011

Our short film is about 4 minutes long and is about an old mans struggle with death. He lies in a hospital bed without any social contacts. One day , his clock starts to move and talk. The clock tells this old man about a better world beyond the hospital.

The old man is forced to make a decision.To live and wait for a slow death in the hospital, or risk his life and take the step to the clocks world.

This short is entirely in 3D. Softwares used in this project include 3D Studio Max 2011, Final Cut Studio, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop.

Khamla Vonsensey – Producer , Director , lead animator and rig supervisor
Karin BruĂ©r – Art director
Jonas Schild – Lightning director and Render supervisor , animator
Alexander Oszlanci – VFX supervisor
Carl-Fredrik Zell – Animator
Aydin Afzoud – Texture artist
Love Gunnarson – Concept artist
Rosanna Gunnarson – Music compositor and sound director
Steven Stern – Voice actor
Scott Stoked – Voice actor


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