A very important part of the Gotland Game Conference is the student show floor, and presentations. Before the conference starts proper, our students make formal presentations of their projects to an expert jury; exposing themselves and the university to insightful critique from a panel of industry personas. This has been a crucial part of our education’s quality assurance since 2001.

for 2016 we have;


First Year (E22, Marcus Ingvarsson)

1. Jerry Bellich, Founder of Monkey with a Mustache 
2. Daniel Polgar, Game Designer, Bridgeside Interactive [GAME Alumni]
3. Jens Berglind, Lead Programmer, Might and Delight [GAME Alumni]
4. Vilya Svensson, Pixel Ferrets [GAME Alumni]
5. Maria Guadalupe Alvarez Diaz, Adjunkt i Medier estetik och berättande, HIS
6. Teddy Sjöström, Pixel Ferrets [GAME Alumni]
7. Martin Greip, Eat Create Sleep [GAME Alumni]
8. David Wolinsky, Moderator, Don’t Die
9. Samson Wiklund, Journalist at
10: Fred Ström, Fred Ström, Pixel Ferrets [GAME Alumni]

11: Kalle Henningsson, Playdead [GAME Alumni]


Second Year & Third Year (B51, Ernest Adams)

1. Patrik Hansson, CEO and founder, Corncrow Games AB
2. Stefan Ljungqvist, Head of Studio Experiment 101 AB
3. Kim Aava, Asset Artist Guerrilla Games  [GAME Alumni]
4. Lee Kåberg, Bridgeside AB [GAME Alumni]
5. Megan Dowd, Producer of Monkey with a Mustache, LLC
6. Peter Stråhle, Lead Technical Artist – Might and Delight [GAME Alumni]
7. Gemma Thomson, Game designer, Raygun Gothic
8. Tracy Fullerton, Director, USC Games
9. Richard Lemarchand, Associate Professor, USC Games
10. Olof Wallentin, Gameplay Programmer, Starbreeze Studios [GAME Alumni]
11. Anton Albiin, Association of Swedish Game Developers
12. Joakim Sjöberg, Liaison of Interactive Sound Design, SAE Institute