Axel Sandstedt

I am an alumnus at the Department of Game Design and I’m currently thrilled to serve as a co-founder of an exciting startup game studio: Tiny Nomads.

My journey has been rich with experiences across various domains, including game design, graphic design, music production, and entrepreneurship. Since my graduation in 2022, I have explored many different avenues in the world of game development. It wasn’t until last year that I found my true calling within the game industry: creating a studio with my friends and former peers.

Following our acclaim in an international game jam, we have continued nurturing our creation, ‘Nasal Nomad: Sniffer’s Delight’, while also exploring and overcoming the challenges of establishing our very own game studio within the Swedish business landscape. For more than a year now, we’ve poured countless hours into refining our craft, not only enhancing our game development skills but also acquiring invaluable insights into the nuances of entrepreneurship and fostering meaningful connections within our industry.