Exhibitor Standards

We need to collect some assets from each team. Those assets will be used for the conference program, websites, and other material for the conference. Please make sure your material is of high quality and at a reasonable resolution (1920×1080 minimum for screenshots for example).

May 7th:

  • Concept Art and WIP images of your game and your team working on the game
  • Character art of your primary character(s)

May 20th:

  • Game Logo/Icon (1×1 aspect ratio, ideally 512x512px, .png or .svg, transparent BG)
  • Main Menu / Title Screen / Game Splash Art (one of the three at a minimum)

May 27th:

  • Shift Schedule (template can be found here walkthrough video here)
  • Min 4 high-quality, in-game screenshots ( .jpg, minimum 1920x1080px, maximum file size 512kb.)
  • Game Presentation Power Point (needs to be a PowerPoint) (NEW DEADLINE: Wednesday, 29th, by midnight)
    • If you use custom fonts make sure to “embed” them into the file (this is done through PowerPoint settings, tutorials are easily found online).
    • Upload the font files for your custom fonts into the same folder as your presentation (create a “fonts” folder if you use multiple custom fonts)
    • If you use videos, make sure these are “embedded” as well.
    • NO Google Slides, PDF, etc.)
  • Trailer:

Your trailer must be less than 40 seconds. The trailers will be uploaded on our YouTube-channel websites and used to produce the GGC Showreel:

Watch Trail-er Blazing: Creating the Trailers your Game Deserves! (~23 minutes) and How To Make an Indie Game Trailer | Game Maker’s Toolkit (~14 minutes) to learn how to effectively pimp your game.

TLDR: Try to focus on one core concept and tease that what you’re showing is only a glimpse of what’s to come. Try to create a story with continuous momentum, structure, and a buildup to a resolution at the end. Do not try to demonstrate the game (that’s what a play-through is for).

Render your trailer using Youtube’s preferred settings:

  • 16:9 aspect ratio, 1080p, 1440p or 2160p
  • Capture and encode at 60fps
  • Container: MP4
  • H.264 video encoder (two pass)
    • Progressive scan (no interlacing)
    • High Profile, 2 consecutive B frames
    • Closed GOP, GOP of half the frame rate
    • CABAC
    • Variable bitrate. No bitrate limit is required, but for reference, you should aim for 12, 24 or 54 Mbps for 1080p, 1440p, and 2160p, respectively.
  • AAC-LC audio encoder
    • Channels: Stereo
    • Sample rate 96khz or 48khz
    • Audio bitrate: 384 kbps (stereo), 512 kbps (5.1)

OBS Studio is great for screen-capping videos and is free and Open Source.

  • Max 40 seconds long.
  • Provide a good video thumbnail (jpg, max 512Kb)
  • Make sure you clear the audio licenses!
  • No logo- or text overlays in the trailer – these are uploaded separately!

Here is a small guide Alex made.

If you have issues with the website, you can alternatively upload directly to the repo! (this is probably faster)
Go to
Click ‘main’ and enter your team name in ‘Filter branch or tag…’
Then click ‘Add File’ and then ‘Upload File’
Add your files, or drag ‘n’ drop and click ‘Commit Changes’ with ‘Commit directly’ selected.

You can also you use a git client if you want (sourcetree or github desktop). Clone the repo, checkout to your branch, copy your stuff to the repository and push.

Reminder! Only the team responsible can upload!

If you encounter any issues, please reach out to Alex Kokkinidis.

Remember, we will not be able to give you any support on the actual day of the deadline, so please make sure to get set up ahead of time!

You can now sign up for presentation practice (and learn more about the expectations surrounding it) here:


Please also refer to this presentation about accessibility when presenting to ensure you create an accessible presentation.

If your game is not part of the first or second-year production courses in the bachelor’s program, we will have to individually assess its quality before greenlighting it for the conference and show floor.

Book a time here. This should be done by the team responsible.

Greenlighting sessions are Monday, the 27th, to Wednesday, the 29th of May. If you receive a yellow light, you must book an additional Greenlight session on Friday, 31st of May.

To receive your greenlight, your game has to:

  • be bug-free (no game braking, easily reproducible, bugs)
  • be polished visually (finished animations, textures, models, etc.)
  • sound good (have music/ambiance and/or SFX)
  • have a coherent core gameplay loop