Game Educators Summit

Are you a game teacher with an interest in connecting with other educators across the globe? Are you willing to share your experience and insights to improve the field? Join us on Gotland in June!

For soon-to-be three years, the Educators Summit has created a space to discuss the work and subjects that we collectively fly under the banner of game education. We have looked at teaching, research, outreach to industry and how to form a closer bond with each other.

Game Educators Summit 2017
Photo from the 2017 Game Educators Summit

The summit was instrumental in the forming of a European wing of the Higher Education Video Games Alliance, and last year’s meeting led to the formation of a Games Research Summer School. So whether you’re from an established education with veteran teachers, or a new education wondering where to focus your attention, you’ll find something useful in this meeting!

As always, we’re looking for presentations of what you teach. If you’d like to submit a presentation, these are the areas we’d like you to focus on:

  • What is your education’s unique niche?
    • How did you develop that niche?
  • What is your biggest weakness and your biggest threat?
  • Do you have innovative methods of teaching your content?

We understand what it means to ask educators to take days away from their subjects, and have striven to provide content that is of value. This year we’re aiming to set up an international network of teachers who are willing to travel and teach in other departments. The presentations are meant as advert and request: Tell us what you’re great at, tell us what you need.

And bring your business cards. We want to bring people together.

These meetings are always a reflection of the participants excellence, and we’d love to have you.

Event outline:

5-6th of June: Gotland Game Conference
For those who purchase the combo-badge, we look forward to seeing you at the conference a couple of days before the symposium start!

7th of June: Symposium Day 1 – Presentations
Presentations are listed as they are accepted. Have something to share? Want to give a micro-talk? Click through and submit your idea!

8th of June: Symposium Day 2 – Work meeting
Le’ts roll up our sleeves and get cracking!

The League of Extraordinary Game Educators
Photo from the 2017 Game Educators Summit