Johannes Wadin (Might & Delight, Tapeduck)

Johannes Wadin (Might & Delight, Tapeduck)

Date: April 19, 2011

With over five years experience in both the Swedish, as well as the international game development industry, Johannes has made a name for him self with titles such as Just Cause 2 (Avalanche Studios) and Fable 3 (Lionhead Studios) under his belt. He is currently employed as Lead Level Designer at the newly founded, Stockholm-based, studio Might and Delight.

He’s also been tutoring Game Development on the side through out most of his career. Ranging from Guest Lecturer at many of the Swedish Game Dev Schools, to responsible for several of the Game Design-courses at Futuregames Academy / Berghs School of Communication, and Head Lecturer at the, now former, Level Design-school Enter the Garden.

Lately he’s been starting up his own company, Tapeduck, that specializes in connecting Game Development Schools in Sweden with highly experienced Game Development Professionals all over the world.

Johannes is moderating the open discussion on Gotland’s game industry.

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