Dorthe Hove Olesen

Dorthe Hove Olesen

Corporation Therapist | Stages

Dorthe is founder and director of the consultancy company Stages, and has helped companies build strong organisations, and design robust change processes over the past 20 years, both as an entrepreneur and in managing roles within HR.

She has a special interest in helping startups and other fast growing, smaller companies create strong and healthy organisations where both founders and employees thrive and develop, while they make money. Over the years she has helped startups develop their founding team, recruit key employees and design their organisational infrastructure.

Building your company, from indie darlings to big business

This talk will address some of the most common mistakes made when founding and growing a startup company. Drawing on both global research and her own experience, Dorthe will let you in on some of the secrets on what to pay attention to, when deciding whether to found a company alone or with your best friend, recruiting your first employees, or juggling the 10.000 practical daily issues, while at the same time trying to set a strategic direction for your company.