Gotland Game Conference 2020

Unfortunately the GGC 2020 is cancelled, due to the global Coronavirus epidemic and its consequences.

In place of the public show floor we are hosting a show case on where you will be able to play test and vote on all student games, for free, between 1-4th of June!

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Play, discuss and celebrate!

The 3-4th of June we open the doors to Wisby Strand again, with nearly 40 student games for you to play and with presentations from international experts. This year we’re revisiting the business of game design, and how students can make a living once they have graduated. Like always, we have a pay-what-you-want Visitors Pass so you can register and come in for free.

983 people attended in 2019 – bring your friends and family, and help us vote for the best games!

Photos from 2019: