We are going to take a new look at what it realistically takes to make a living in the games industry today. The last time we looked at this was back in 2012, and the world has changed massively since then!

Everyday, 23 new games are released on Steam. Google Play Store sees over 6000 new apps, per day! Curation of these over-subscribed store fronts is all in the hands of algorithms. At the same time, new, all-you-can-play subscription based platforms are pushing the perceived value of a game to zero. A huge section of your potential player base is monopolized by a few so-called “lifestyle games“. Micropayments, one of the few ways to break even, are described as dark game mechanics designed to prey on the vulnerable.

How do you make a sensible living in this climate? How do you run a profitable business as a game developer? How do you find the funds to develop your first game? And if you don’t want to risk it as an entrepreneur – how do you land a job contract? 

As always, this is a conversation, and we’d like you to be a part of it!

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