Exhibiting at the Gotland Game Conference is a privilege, not a right. The first thing you need to do is submit your project or thesis.


21st April, 10:00: GGC Student Information Meeting with Ulf (in E22)
21st April: Send in your project application!

  • Applications made before the info-meeting must be re-entered ASAP. The form was not ready.

2-5th of May: Media will be touring the campus for pre-GGC interviews and photos of your creative process. See some examples from previous years:

10th of May: Screenshots, logos & development-photos uploaded to the FTP.
14th of May: Last day to purchase Student/Alumni pass. (Visitors passes are available throughout the event)
19th of May: Trailer uploaded to the FTP.

File formats and upload instructions are available in this doc. Make sure you test your FTP client before the deadline.

GGC Student Information (slides)

Information dump starts at slide ~37.

GGC Student Schedule

In short: you will start building the show floor at 09:00 on Sunday 28/5. You will start jury presentations at 13:00, and then join the VIP-only booth crawl and (for those with student badges) dinner in the evening. The exact details will be available here at a later date.

Any questions? Contact Ulf via mail or slack (@ulfben), and I’ll update this page for everyone’s benefit.