Respect and Accountability

We believe that prejudice, oppression, and discrimination are detrimental to the growth of a rich, mature and vibrant gaming culture. Thus, we aim for inclusiveness and we commit to maintaining a safe and accountable space for all participants. This means that we treat each other with respect and care. It also means that it’s understandable to make mistakes, and that we hold each other and ourselves accountable as we grow and learn together.

Differing opinions and perspectives are crucial to effective discussion, however we ask that everyone remain mindful of, and take responsibility for, their own speech and behavior – in person, on social media, and in games/play spaces.

In short: You are a part of somebody else’s experience. Don’t be a jerk. Don’t be a creep. If someone asks you to stop and leave them alone, stop and leave them alone. Have fun, play games, and don’t mess up anyone else’s good time.

Code of Conduct & Inclusivity Policy

The Department of Game Design at Uppsala University want, above all else, to work for an inclusive games industry and -culture, where everyone can feel safe to be themselves. As part of maintaining that community, we ask all attendees to agree to the following as guidelines for our behavior during the Gotland Game Conference

  1. We agree that no form of harassment (insults, stalking, bullying, unwanted touching, etc) or discrimination (by gender, race, disability, etc) will be tolerated. We will abide by GGC’s anti-harassment policy and report any harassment or discrimination to GGC staff.
  2. We will all refrain from using language that can be considered homophobic, sexist, transphobic, racist, ableist, etc. This includes slurs on sexuality, trans status, neurotype, physical ability and others. If you’re not sure, ask a staff member for advice!
  3. We will remember that even if it’s okay to say some of these things in our circles of friends, we are in a public place where these things are not acceptable.
  4. We will remain open and respectful when called out for saying something offensive or hurtful. This means we will:
    1. Listen to the person speaking and let them speak without interruption. If we do not understand, we will ask clarifying questions when they are done speaking.
    2. Believe that our behavior has negatively impacted another and not attempt to invalidate this.
    3. Remember that we are not being judged as individuals, but instead asked to reflect on ways our behavior may unintentionally impact others.
    4. Ask for tips/help to avoid committing the same offense in the future.
    5. Own our behavior and apologize.
    6. If all else fails, ask a staff member to help mediate the situation.
  5. If somebody offends us, we will do our best to do the following:
    1. Find an appropriate time to pull them aside to discuss their behavior. If we are not comfortable doing this, we will notify a staff member so they can address the situation.
    2. Inform the person that what they have said or done is offensive and explain as best we can why.
    3. Try to help them understand how to avoid it in the future.
    4. Be open to forgiving the person for their mistake and helping them remain a part of our community.
    5. If all else fails, ask a staff member to help mediate the situation.
  6. We will, above all else, remember that our goal is to create a community for everyone. This should inform our actions when calling out the behavior of others or being called out for own own. We are all human beings who will make mistakes as part of our learning process. Our goal at the Gotland Game Conference is to foster this growth.
  7. We understand that there is no “right” to discriminate or actively make a space unsafe for others through our words and actions. We agree that there is no place for this mindset at the Gotland Game Conference, as it is counterproductive to our goals.
  8. We will strive to respect each other’s space and boundaries. We will ask before touching anyone. And we will politely respect anybody’s request for privacy or space.

We aren’t asking that you change your entire life, but to try it for these three days. So let’s all work together to have fun and be respectful of one another, because the two go hand in hand!

Anti-Harassment Policy

We reserve the right to remove anyone if they are found to be harassing someone. This includes everything from physical assault to unwelcome attention. At this conference, if someone says “no” it truly and seriously means “no.” This includes cosplay! Remember: attire is never consent.

Below are examples of some things that run afoul of our policy:

  • Verbal abuse.
  • Stalking.
  • Deliberate intimidation.
  • Taking clearly unwanted or inappropriate photos (i.e. upskirt photos).
  • The use of social media to engage in any of the above behaviors while at the convention.
  • Unwanted physical attention of any kind.
  • Unwanted physical contact or abuse of any kind.

The above list is not exhaustive and GGC staff are the final arbiter of what else may constitute harassment for the purposes of this policy. If you deliberately ignore these guidelines, repeatedly disrupt the conference and other attendees, and/or no resolution can be met or agreed upon, you will be asked to leave the conference.

If you have been harassed in any way or witness someone engaging in harassment, please notify one of our staff immediately. We’ll do our best to make sure the problem gets resolved and we’ll provide the targeted party with a safe space to chill. You may be asked to complete a report to document the incident. This is optional, but is very helpful in tracking patterns of behavior and ensuring the offender is dealt with appropriately. Any reports of harassment are kept confidential and the identity of the reporting party is never shared without their express consent.

(These Rules & Policies borrows heavily from the excellent work of the GaymerX Conference, the Queerness and Games Conference and the Different Games Conference. Thank you all!)