Gotland Game Conference 2021

As with everything, Covid took last year’s conference. This event is important to us and not being able to deliver it was a blow. We put our student’s games onto, but it wasn’t the same. So, we spent the past year working out how we could deliver a conference, even if we couldn’t gather, safely, together.

Gather and play!

We have got our hands on an app called It runs entirely in the browser, and is like an old-school 8-bit game with proximity-based video chat.

This lets us create a virtual conference area where you can walk a show floor and play games, while talking to the development team that made it. Or, you could walk around, see a friend, grab a table and have a quiet chat. We can build a room for the jury to meet and talk, we can have private rooms if you want to have meetings. It lets us have people together, while not being together.

And, perhaps most importantly, for the first time, we can have people join from wherever they are in the world!