The Jury

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NameTitle & CompanyDescribe your expertise in one sentence
Andy PhelpsProfessor, University of Canterbury and American UniversityI’ve taught game design around the world for more than 20 years. Ask me anything!
Anders EkermoSenior Software Engineer, Blizzard EntertainmentI have been in AAA engine programming for 15+ years, also built, promoted and released an indie game from scratch to PC/Switch.
Richard BartleProfessor of Game Designer, University of EssexI’ve been working with virtual worlds for 43 years.
Kate EdwardsExecutive Director, Global Game JamA geographer who’s been performing culturalization on many game titles, from Halo and Age of Empire to Mass Effect, Call of Duty, Dragon Age, and many others. Ask me about adapting your games for a global audience, finding your unique career path, overcoming impostor syndrome, building inclusivity into your design, and general questions about the industry.
Rabi AframEngineering Manager, KingI have been interviewing and hiring QA, Devs, Artists and Designers. You can ask me anything about CVs and interviews.
Teddy SjöströmLead programmer, Pixel FerretsI have made a living developing the same game for ~8 years. Programmer / Designer / Writer.
Anton AlbiinSwedish Games IndustryAsk me about entrepreneurship and how to make it in the games industry
Henrik JonssonExecutive Producer, Amplifier Game InvestGame Scout, Game Programmer, Tech Advisor. AMA
Aydin AfzoudLead Game Designer, Ubisoft StockholmAsk me about AAA-game design.
Yoshi van BelkomProject Tech Lead, Toadman Interactive StockholmI’ve been a tech lead and gameplay programmer for 3 years and have a background in tools programming.
Lee KåbergProducer, Envar Entertainment ABProduction. How to start your company. Investments.
Alex UntoroGame DesignerI am a game designer with a wide skillset. I have worked with teaching game design for several years, so ask anything regarding design or games, and we’ll have conversation about it!

The Gotland Game Conference 2021 is hosted entirely on! If you have a browser, a headset and a some-what performant computer1anything with a discrete GPU ought to be good enough you can join us too us live, in living color, from any part of the globe, May 31 – June 3.