Announcing the jury!

Jury hard at work. :)

The jury represents the most hard-working participants at the Gotland Game Conference (save for our students, naturally). Jurors travel from near and far to listen to our students’ presentations a day before the conference even starts, and to play all of the student productions on the show floor.

Each members brings their own set of experience and expertise, and share that insight directly with the students during the presentations. This is followed by two days of hard labor where each jury member needs to play enough to provide meaningful written feedback (as well as numeric scores) on each game. These scores does not affect student grades, of course, but are an integral part of the GGC Awards and for our students’ learning outcomes!

The jury is absolutely massive, as they need to cover all three years of our education!

Without further ado, here is the complete 2017 Jury!

  1. Anton Albiin, Association of Swedish Game Developers
  2. Bonnie Ruberg, UC Irvine
  3. Chris Franklin, Errant Signal
  4. Doris Rusch, DePaul University
  5. Maria Guadalupe Alvarez, Högskolan i Skövde
  6. Joakim Sjöberg, Odd Raven Studios
  7. Joshua Juvrud, Uppsala University
  8. Martine Pedersen, IndSpark
  9. Mattias “Ditto” Dittrich, Art in Heart
  10. Mike Sellers, Indiana University
  11. Richard Bartle, University of Essex
  12. Sabine Harrer, University of Vienna
  13. Samson Wiklund, Diversi
  14. Travis C. Parrott, Westlaw Legal Solutions
  15. Fred Ström, Pixel Ferrets
  16. Jens Berglind, Might and Delight
  17. Joakim Andreasson, Paradox Development Studio
  18. Jona Marklund, KJ Interactive
  19. Martin Greip, Eat Create Sleep
  20. Max Tiilikainen, iGotcha Studios
  21. Olof Wallentin, Starbreeze Studios
  22. Pernilla Sparrhult, Paradox Development Studio
  23. Peter Stråhle, Might and Delight
  24. Sigrid Svederoth, Cortopia AB
  25. Teddy Sjöström, Pixel Ferrets
  26. Thommy Siverman, Electronic Arts
  27. Tobias Wahlberg, TOB-E GAMES
  28. Vilya Svensson, Pixel Ferrets
  29. Ylva Ljungqvist, Paradox Development Studio

Bold is GAME alumni  – welcome back! 🙂

And thanks in advance to all the jurors for taking the time – and putting up the effort – to help improve our students, our education, and our medium!