Developing a Better Business

Finding new sources of revenue is always difficult. Both start-ups as large corporates are often struggling to find sustainable business models. Board of Innovation, specialized in this topic has developed a structured toolset to tackle exactly these type of challenges. Nick De Mey, one of the co-founders, will introduce you to a number of tools and tips to overcome these problem.

You’ll leave this session with an open mind and practical insights to rethink your own business.

About Nick

On a daily basis I steer bright people and their innovation team in generating new business ideas. I try to live 5 years ahead and make that future comprehensible and tangible in the economic reality we live in today. By studying trends and societal evolutions I’m in a perfect position to bring inspiration to the table.

In order to transform the hundreds of fuzzy ideas in to concrete business cases, you’ll need an innovation process to keep structure. Did I already tell you that I love to work on our innovation methodology, techniques and tools? To give an example: Our visual toolset to explore successful business models is being used by entrepreneurs, innovation managers and management school worldwide. Don’t forget to Google for “10 Business Models That Rocked” for some cases. 😉

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