Implications of Free to Play

Games stand to be the defining medium of the 21st century, but the industry is in the midst of a disruptive transition away from ‘buy the game’ to the virtual currency or ‘free to play’ model. The implications of this change are yet to be well understood.

Join Daniel James to explore an irreverent landscape of questions and observations around the choices we make as developers, and those that may be made for us when games meet the audience and business meets the market.

It’s not about the price tag! Is it?

About Daniel

Daniel James is the CEO of Three Rings, a developer of online games founded in 2001 and acquired by SEGA in 2011. Three Rings pioneered the virtual currency model in 2005 with the casual MMO Puzzle Pirates. Three Rings’ recent titles include Corpse Craft, Spiral Knights and Doctor Who: Worlds in Time in partnership with the BBC.

Daniel has a long history of working and playing in online worlds since falling into MUD1 in 1982 as a teenager in London. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and incredibly stubborn toddler. He has a poorly maintained blog at and occasionally tweets as capncleaver.

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