Life in the Trenches

Former GAME students talk candidly about their life in the industry.

The GAME education at Gotland University have managed to produce some outstanding game developers, working all over the world. What did they do after graduation? How did they land their current positions? What’s work like for an engine developer at Blizzard?

This is an open discussion for the audience to ask whatever they want of some highly experience professionals.

Attending alumni:
Anders Ekermo, Senior Software Engineer at Blizzard Entertainment
Mats Andersson, Senior Game Designer at Avalanche Studios
Kajfa Tam, Technical Artist Ubisoft Massive
Peter Stråhle, Lead Artist @ Might & Delight
Carl Horned, QA @ DICE
Johannes Wadin, co-founder TapeDuck
Jakob Berglund Rogert, co-founder Woven Games

Moderator: Johannes Wadin

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