Student schedule

Student presentation schedule

Friday 27th, 13:15-15:30
2 people per group, you only need to be present for your own hour. No entering or leaving during presentations!

The jurors that will listen to Groups 1 and 2. Remember to bring your prospect!
The jurors that will listen to Groups 3 and 4. Remember to bring your prospect!

GGC Student Schedule

Friday, May 27th

09:00-13:00 Move all your hardware over to Wisby Strand from B13. (you must be there and build from the start!)
— Use only the side-door (towards the sea)
— DO NOT put anything on the walls without clearing it with Mait first.
— bring all empty boxes and unused things back to Campus Gotland before the jury shows up.
13:00 (presentations on campus Gotland)
16:00-ish: The Jury arrives for the jury-only playtest.
— The Jury must be able to play *all* games this evening. Do not block each-others’ games!
17:30-19:30 Dinner is available for the paid student badge.
— Do not bring your own food to Wisby Strand.
— The free badge, grey, is not valid for food or refreshments.
21:00 Shutdown. We go home. Your things are mostly safe at Wisby Strand.

Saturday, May 28th

08:00 Students can sneak into the show floor for last-minute fixes and prep
08:30 Registration opens. (Coffee is available for paying students)
09:15-11:30 Conference is in “presentation mode” with speakers on the big stage.
[see the GGC program]
11:30-20:00 Show floor open to the public
—-11:30-14:00 Lunch is served in Maltfabriken (included with the paid student badge!)

Sunday, May 29th

8:30 Doors are open for emergency fixes, coffee is available for paid student badges.
09:15-11:30 Conference is in “presentation mode” with speakers on the big stage.
[see the GGC program]
11:30-17:00 Show floor open to the public
—–11:30-14:00 Lunch (included with the paid student badge).
14:00 Voting deadline (student choice, public choice, jury votes etc)
16:30 Start preparing for disassembly. Send someone to pick up your boxes in B13, get tools ready. Make sure everyone is present.
17:00 SHUT DOWN.

  • Immediately shut down all games and begin disassembly. Packing neatly but quickly – all equipment is brought back to B13. Anything you’ve built is loaded onto the truck that Finn has parked outside Wisby Strand

17:30 All boxes have been returned to B13. All builds are loaded onto the truck.

  • If not returned by 17:30 you will hold on to it (and be responsible), until the next day.

19:00 (for paid student badges) Champagne mingle for paying students, jury and speakers.

  • Second floor of Wisby Strand, stairs up from seaside.

19:45 Award Ceremony starts! – Entrance from seaside. (all badges are welcome! Bring your friends!)
21:00 Party (all badges, 18 years or older, are welcome)
01:00 Bar closes!

Monday, May 30

13:00 Each team send 2-3 people to help Finn put all equipment away, clean the workshop and generally make sure our house is in order after the GGC project crunch.

Any questions? Contact Ulf via mail or slack (@ulfben), and I’ll update this page for everyone’s benefit.