GAME and the GGC

The department of Game Design at Uppsala University campus Gotland, has been teaching game design and development since 2001. The Gotland Game Conference is an annual (very public!) evaluation of our work. The general public, international industry, academia and press are invited to help scrutinize our output, hone our process and celebrate our results.

Our students kick start the event with presentations of their projects; exposing themselves and the education to insightful critique from an experienced panel of developers, designers, thinkers and artists. We then proceed with a two day conference; wide-ranging talks from brilliant people are interspersed with networking on the show floor, among the student’s games.

The conference aim to push the boundaries of our field – we go out of our way to invite speakers that have seen further and thought deeper than any of us. That said, we are not a technological conference – we care about the culture and human expression – so even the most far-reaching presenters remain accessible to a wide audience of non-experts.

Location & Contacts

Venue:Contact info:
Wisby Strand Congress & Event
Strandvägen 4
621 55 Visby, Sweden
Ulf Benjaminsson

Gotland Game Conference 2022 is hosted by the Department of Game Design at Uppsala University, campus Gotland. Ulf Benjaminsson is the event producer.

Code of Conduct and Photography

The Gotland Game Conference has a strict Code of Conduct and anti-harassment policy in place. Make sure to review it before registering for the event!

Photography is expressly permitted throughout the conference, within the guidelines of the Code of Conduct and anti-harassment policy. The Department of Game Design employs professional photographers to document the event, and to record all lectures. Both lectures and photos are shared online and used throughout our educations.

If you would prefer a specific photo of you not be used publicly, please contact Ulf Benjaminsson.

The Pac-Man Rule at Conferences

You’re going to a conference! Take the opportunity to network and chat with people. They’re lovely. Really! And if you’re already chatting in a group, make your group approachable using the Pac-Man Rule: when standing as a group of people, always leave room for 1 person to join your group.

Here’s how it works:

Break cliques by giving people explicit permission to join groups.
The Pac-Man Rule was invented by Eric Holscher and animated by Dylan Beattie.

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