The Jury

The jury consists of a diverse set of individuals from around the world, who volunteer their time and experience to listen to our students’ presentations, play all of their games and deliver the awards for outstanding achievements. Each member brings their own distinct expertise and share their insight and experience directly with the students at the Gotland Game Conference.

NameTitle & CompanyDescribe your expertise in one sentence
Allen TurnerSenior Professional Lecturer, DePaul University
Alexander HermanssonGrowth – LootlockerI run Sweden Game Jobs, and have done Strategic partnerships at Stunlock Studios, and Biz Dev at Ask me about building an indie studio, marketing, publishing, and jobs.
Alexander WijkanderSenior 3D Character Artist, SnowprintI’ve worked as a 3D artist for games for over 10 years, so you can ask me basically anything related to art in games.
Ana Laura Martinez3D Animator at Aesir InteractiveAsk me about horse animations, stylized animations, cutscenes. Ask me anything!
Arvid EdströmGame Designer and Programmer, Might and DelightAsk me about UI, UX and player interactions. Both from a design and programming perspective!
Aydin AfzoudLead Game Designer, Ubisoft StockholmAsk me about AAA game design.
Clement PirelliProgrammer, The Creative AssemblyAsk me about getting into the industry, programming on large codebases, and frogs
Daniel GustafssonProduct Lead, MAG InteractiveNine years in the game industry and still loving it. Been working with project management, Unity development and game design. Mostly in relation to mobile games and free-to-play. Feel free to ask me anything (well, maybe not about AAA), or just say ‘Hello’!
Emelie RodinLead Game Designer, Janus InteractiveGame designer with a focus on the player driven rules systems, player rules, mmorpgs, and physical games is my strengths – Feel free to ask me about Multiplayer Design, Card Games, Player-based system design, living the indie dream or just ants.
Erik StaranderLead Environment Artist, The Outsiders StockholmAsk me about Environmental storytelling or anything art related
Fred StrömAnimator, Pixel Ferrets
Henrik JonssonHead of New Frontiers, Amplifier Game InvestI’ve been a game programmer for 20 years who meet 300 companies per year looking for investments. Ask me anything
Jan PlähnTechnical Artist, Aesir InteractiveI’m experienced in technical art and porgramming with Unreal Engine and Unity. Ask me anything!
Jens BerglindLead Programmer, Might & DelightAsk me about online social spaces and systems design.
Joakim SjöbergTechnical Sound Designer, Hazelight GamesI’ve got the low-down on anything related to the sounds you hear in games, how and why they fulfill their purpose and how we use it to tell stories
Jona MarklundSenior Technical Artist, FatsharkI’ve worked with art, tools and coding and run both successful and failed game studios, ask me about anything.
Kaan Baris Bicak aka. “Peace”Game Programmer, Eat Create SleepI’m a game programmer interested specifically in gameplay and AI, I’ve worked as a general developer for multiple games from PC to mobile, as well as small and big studios.
Karin BruérSenior Producer, Avalanche studiosAAA producer with a background as Art director and art lead. Ask me anything about art, production, hiring processes, freelancing
Lisa Wackenhuth Svanström3D Artist, Star StableFor 5 years I have been working as a 3D creature artist mainly responsible for creating the horses of Star Stable Online. During my time at the company I have also been responsible for onboarding new hires and for the mentorship of many interns. Ask me anything about stylized 3D art, horses in games or internships!
Lissa Holloway-AttawayAssociate Professor, Division of Game Development, Univ. of SkövdeAsk me about stories, culture, history, diversity, and inclusion. I am interested in narrative, cultural heritage games, feminist perspectives on games/media, and cultures of development.
Ludwig Lindstål3D artist, EA DICEAsk me about working in a big studio, AAA graphics, managing scope, outsourcing and planing.
Mårten JonssonEducator in Level Design, The Game AssemblyAsk me about indie game development or game education.
Niels KeetelsCourse leader, HKU University of the Arts UtrechtI’ve been game engine developer for console games
Nils WestgårdhCEO & Founder, SembleAsk me about communication, advertising, and pitching. I’ve worked on marketing for clients like NVIDIA and Activision.
Eric OsanaCo-founder Nexile ABAsk me anything
Patrick SeibertCEO, Too Indie To FailI’ve done marketing for >50 games released on Steam – some earning millions of dollars.
Lee KåbergProducer, Envar EntertainmentCompany development and game development.
Peter StråhleTechnical Art Director, Fast Travel GamesBeen involved with more than 20 released titles since graduating. AAA, indie and now VR. Passionate about games and developers that strives to change game culture.
Phoenix PerryUAL Creative Computing InstituteI am an artist and activist who often uses culture as a medium.
Rabi AframDesign Manager, Mojang10ish years of industry experience ranging from browser and mobile to console AAA. Ask me about landing your first job and how to make a good impression during the interview process.
Teddy SjöströmLead Programmer, Pixel FerretsBeen working on the same game for 10 years! Let’s talk scoping so you won’t. Or talk to me about satisfying game design or storytelling!
Timothy HutchingsAssistant Professor of Game Design, Bradley UniversityAn IndieCade/ENnie winning TTRPG guy with an interest in art games.
Tom ApperleySenior Research Fellow at the Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studiesworking on #affect #avatars #DandD #gamecultures #gender #onlinemisogyny #platforms #porn #righttoplay
Yoshi van BelkomGameplay Tech Lead, Toadman Interactive StockholmI’ve been in the industry for 5 years, ask me about tech and inclusivity!