Which talk should we pick?

One of our still-secret but crazy-awesome speakers is just blasting ideas at us – they have pitched no less than 4 excellent talks so far!

We love them all and can’t seem to pick one! Please help us decide by voting in our poll:

Thanks for weighing in, and please check out all the conference sessions so far!

Oh, and a pro-tip: Visby is fast running out of hotel beds for the conference dates. Please make sure you book your conference pass, and get yourself reservations at the hotels / AirBnB / CouchSurfing if you need a place to stay! This is particularly important for participants of the Educators Summit, since you start a day early and end a day later!

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  1. […] arguing about which one to pick was so fierce we just decided to abdicate our responsibility and let someone else choose. You all voted in our Facebook poll and the result was 40% for a critical examination of so called […]