HEVGA European Symposium

Day 2: Working meeting

12:00 We start the working day with an optional lunch at Maltfabriken (at the university campus). Bring your symposium badge, and join our long table.

13:00 The meeting proper starts in E44 (4th floor, E-building), with a re-cap of the discussion from last year, followed by introductory remarks by HEVGA chair Miriam Eladhari.

In collaboration with Mirjam and HEVGA Executive Director Jonathan Elmergreen, the 2018 symposium will focus on three primary topics:

  1. A European Council to focus on uniquely European challenges and opportunities, as well as representation within the global Alliance. Europe is politically, legally and geographically interlinked which offers a number of unique advantages. We have Schengen, ease of travel, ease of working abroad, funding opportunities, and more. On the flip side we have equally unique challenges: Brexit being a big one, different educational systems another.

    To have an effective Alliance, there will need to be a council that can target challenges and grasp opportunities. The meeting will discuss a potential agenda and action points for the council.

  2. A practical strengthening of the Alliance through Erasmus agreements. European education has the advantage of Erasmus – allowing the sharing of staff, and students. While there are shortcomings to this program (Who do you invite? What do they teach? When are they available) – the symposium intends to look at ways to lessen the friction of this process and allow staff to build a practical, working network using the infrastructure already in place.

  3. The start of a Research School at postgraduate level. This is a little more ambitious. There is a concern that Game Design doesn’t have a dedicated level of research. This is due to the lack of PhD courses in the subject. A proposed Research School would share the burden, and cost, of teaching at this level, and allow for integrated, pan European research. While this is not a new idea – conversation about a European Research School always flounders at the Funding Question: where is the money for it? – the meeting wants to look at ways of joint financing or, at the very least, putting together a solid framework for a European Research School such that the idea is “application ready” in the event of finance being available.

15:00 Snack break and puppy pictures

16:30 Meeting continues until we need to check in to our flights / ferries, or starve and break for dinner.

Leaving the island on the 8th?

If you’re taking a flight off the island on the 8/6, you should book a cab to pick you up at the campus ~40 minutes before take-off. (it’s a very small airport)

If you’re taking the ferry off the island on the 8th, you can walk from the campus ~40 minutes before departure.