Student presentations starts at 13:00 on Monday the 4th. The format is 5×10 – 5 minutes of presentation, followed by 10 minutes of Q&A from the Jury. The presentations are taking place in 4 rooms concurrently, each room being supervised by a member of faculty. Audience is welcome, but will take their seats further back in the room and not disturb the proceedings.

Jury and presentation supervisors gather in E22 at 12:30 for a quick brief before we start. The student’s game trailers are available on our YouTube playlist!

E22 – Mika Edström

Martine Pedersen, LudicIndspark
Mirjam Palosaari Eladhari, Senior Lecturer, Södertörn University
Malena Klaus, Independent Game Programmer
Henrik Jonsson, Executive Producer, Goodbye Kansas Game Invest
Martin Greip, CEO, Eat Create Sleep
Max Tiilikainen, Producer, Stunlock Studios
Niklas Eneqvist, Assistant Art Team Manager, Fatshark
Fred Ström, Animator, Pixel Ferrets

13:00 Jungle Jive
13:15 Bareknuckle Brawl
13:30 Benchwarmers
13:45 Neon Nemesis
14:00-14:10 short break
14:10 Flop the Shark
14:25 Gabble Grimoire
14:40 Coal Rush
14:55 Twined
15:10 Walk with Me
(Jury gathers back in E22 at 15:30 for a re-brief)

E30 – Ernest Adams

Jonathan Elmergreen, Executive Director, HEVGA
Danielle Unéus, Game Design Consultant
Emelie Rodin, Solo Developer, BetterBuilt Studio
Bartosz Sobolewski, Illustrator & 2.5D Motion Designer, 11Bit Studios
Vilya Svensson, 2D Artist, Pixel Ferrets
Anton Albiin, Dataspelsbranschen, Co-founder of Diversi
Nicodemus Mattisson, Art Director, Virtuos
Doris Rusch, Game designer and Researcher, DePaul University

13:00 Beetmash
13:15 Penguin Mountain Madness
13:30 Paint your Way
13:45 Throne of Evil
14:00-14:10 short break
14:10 Elefightor
14:25 Station Aviation
14:40 Symbio
14:55 Re-Leap

(Jury gathers back in E22 at 15:30 for a re-brief)

E31 – Camilla Von Paykull

Albertina Sparrhult, Arkatay Consulting / Diversi
Joshua Juvrud, Developmental Psychologist, Uppsala University
Adam Wrange, Level designer, The Outsiders
Jens Berglind, Lead Programmer, Might and Delight
Mårten Jonsson, Sole Proprietor – JMJ Interactive
Josefin Westborg, Founder and Game designer, Lekreativ/Lajvbyrån
Kim Aava, 3D Artist, DICE
Jona Marklund, Senior Technical Artist

13:00 Take my Shift
13:15 Minutes to Mayhem
13:30 Ever End
13:45 Wonderplay
14:00-14:10 short break
14:10 Primal Party
14:25 Punchinello
14:40 Bouncy Castle Ball Star
14:55 Galactic Subversion
15:10 Kato

(Jury gathers back in E22 at 15:30 for a re-brief)

E35 – Johan C Eriksson

Heidi McDonald, Senior Creative Director, iThrive Games
Mike Sellers, Director, Game Design Program, Indiana University
Olof Wallentin, Gameplay Programmer, Starbreeze Studios
Rabi Afram, Dev Manager, King
Teddy Sjöström, Programmer, Pixel Ferrets
Richard Bartle, Professor, Essex University
Kalle Henningsson, QA & Submission Manager, Playdead
James Newnorth, CEO, Spelkollektivet Sweden AB

13:00 Momentum Drift
13:15 Bolt & Bobby
13:30 In the Changing Wind
13:45 Agraria
14:00-14:10 short break
14:10 Nova Factor
14:25 Galactic Guild Convergence
14:40 Reminiscence
14:55 On the Hook

(Jury gathers back in E22 at 15:30 for a re-brief)

Do note: the jury feedback does not affect student grades. The Gotland Game Conference is not mandatory for the students, and not a formal part of any course.