Practical leadership for a healthy and productive studio culture

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Hands on leadership and organizational techniques to promote an inclusive and productive work environment and culture. Join us for an intense session where you learn how to support your team and company from a leadership position through practical advice that you can start using immediately, based in Project Management Institutes‘ best practices.

  • How can I change a situation and affect the work climate around me
  • How can I support my team and company from a leadership position
  • Ground rules, feedback, openness based on PMI practice
  • Connecting diversity and productivity

Key words: Leadership, practical hands on advice, battling unconscious bias, promoting inclusive culture

About Albertina

Albertina Sparrhult, AkatayWith over eight years experience working in the games industry doing everything from designing spaceships in EVE Online to sending students to the GDC and driving several diversity initiatives, Albertina has got a thorough take on management with a coaching leadership style. With the right leadership and teamwork, she firmly believes that the games industry can become both more inclusive, and productive. In fact, that they go hand in hand. Albertina has done work for or with companies such as CCP, Paradox, King, Intel, Diversi and DICE, right now she’s a certified project manager consultant with Arkatay.