Exhibiting at the Gotland Game Conference is a privilege, not a right. The first thing you need to do is submit your project or thesis.

Every person at the conference must register online for a ticket and accept our code of conduct and anti-harrasment policy.

Help us bring in more audience by joining and sharing the Facebook event, follow CampusGotlandGAME on Instagram (#GGConf18) and YouTube, tweet at GotlandGAME and hashtag #GGConf18. And at all times; carry your Nintendo 3DS with Streetpass on.

GGC Student Information (slides)

will be published after the production courses start


2018-03-26: Theme Park Course Starts
– Ulf will come in and present the GGC in the first week of the course
2018-04-23: Project Submission to the GGC (Game info and team finalized)
2018-05-14: Screenshots, logos & development-photos uploaded to the FTP.
2018-05-21: Game trailer and better screenshots uploaded to the FTP.
2018-05-21 Deadline for purchasing Student / Alumni passes!
– See slides 42-43 for why they are a Good Idea™.
2018-05-21 – 2018-05-01: Journalists will be touring the campus for pre-ggc interviews and photos. Be ready!
– We’re pushing to focus them on Tuesday 29/5.

GGC Student Schedule

In short: you will start building the show floor at 09:00 on Monday 4th of June. You will start jury presentations at 13:00, and then join the VIP-only booth crawl and (for those with student badges) dinner in the evening.

Monday, June 4
09:00-10:00 Picking up boxes and unpacking at Wisby Strand

  • Each team picks up their tech from B11
  • All empty boxes are marked and returned to B11 by 10:00

09:30 You start building your booths at Wisby Strand
13:00 Student presentation starts

  • 1st year students present in E22
  • 2nd years present in B51
  • 3rd years in E31
  • Format and detailed schedule will be provided by your course responsible, but generally you will be split into blocks of 4 teams per hour. You only need to attend your own block (you will need the other time to construct your booth on the show floor).

16:00 Booth is ready, everything works and is clean

  • Be prepared, the jury could be ready before scheduled time!
  • There can be no boxes, tools or construction leftovers on the show floor.

16:30 VIP playtesting with students, jury and summit participants.

  • (for full passes) Dinner is served.

21:00 Closed. Everyone must be out of Wisby Strand at 21:00

Tuesday, June 5
08:00 Students can sneak into the show floor for last-minute fixes and prep
08:30 Registration opens. (Coffee is available for full passes)
09:00 First presentation starts
[see the GGC schedule for full program]
11:00-14:00 Game Exhibit Open and Lunch (served in Maltfabriken for full passes).

  • GGC uses room B14 and B15 for lunch

[see the GGC schedule for full program]
20:00 Closing time!
Wednesday, June 6
8:30 Doors are open for emergency fixes, coffee is available to full passes.
09:00 Presentations start.
[see the GGC schedule for full program]
11:00-14:00 Game Exhibit Open and Lunch (served in Maltfabriken (for full passes)).

  • GGC uses room B14 and B15 for lunch

14:00 Voting deadline (student choice, jury votes etc)
16:30 Start preparing for disassembly. Send someone to pick up your boxes, get tools ready. Make sure everyone is present.
17:00 SHUT DOWN.

  • Immediately shut down all games and begin disassembly. Packing neatly but quickly and move everything back to Campus Gotland.

17:30 All equipment and boxes have been returned to B11.

  • If not returned by 17:30 you will hold on to it (and be responsible), until the next day.

19:00 (for full passes) Champagne mingle for full passes.

  • Second floor of Wisby Strand, stairs up from seaside.

19:30 Award Ceremony starts! – Entrance from seaside. (visitor pass welcome!)
20:30 Party (visitors passes, 18 years or older, are welcome)
01:00 Bar closes!

Thursday, June 7
13:00 Each team send at least 1-2 people to help Finn put all equipment away, clean the workshop and generally make sure our house is in order after the GGC project crunch.

Any questions? Contact Ulf via mail or slack (@ulfben), and I’ll update this page for everyone’s benefit.

The Art Wall

For GGC 2018 the physical art wall will be replace by a Virtual Museum Installation using tech developed by Professor Masaki Hayashi. Instructions for the delivering your art to the exhibition will come!

Some advice for showing game art at the GGC:
Only bring your absolute best work! One masterpiece is far superior to five or even three mediocre pieces. If you hope to get noticed by a certain studio or person; carefully analyze their art style and do similar.

If you want to be a character designer, show character design. While being jack of all trades certainly can land you a job, if you for example hate doing environments, don’t market yourself as an environmental artist.

Your art is a reflection of you. If you display only objectified women, or strong characters that are exploiting the weak, that is ok, but be prepared with answers if someone ask you why you chose that theme. (“But it’s just a picture, it doesn’t mean anything!” is not a good answer.)