Grendel Games‘ founder (and GGC Juror) Jan-Jaap made an astute observation;

β€œhave you considered that maybe GGC is cursed w.r.t. air-travel in some way?”

HA! Let’s review:
2010: volcano eruption. European flights cancelled.
2011: volcano eurupts AGAIN. European flights threatened.
2012: Skyways – one of the two airlines servicing Visby – files for bankruptcy the day before the expected delivery of 26 of our international guests.

What travel-related catastrophy will befall GGC 2013? Let loose your inner Nostradamus in the comments, please. πŸ™‚

pre-dinner snack

Seven days to go


Funky fun stuff

Just met with first year team 2o’clock, who showed me a demo version of the input device they’ve created for their arcade game.

You can pretend you don’t want to play with this. But we both know you’d be lying. πŸ˜€

Register for the Opening Expo Fri 25th, 17:00-19:00 (free of charge!).

We have poster!

… we’re in a lecture at University College Utrecht but I had to share this with you (HGO students take note; don’t do this in my classes! //Ulf).

We’re still waiting for confirmation from a few speakers (notably; Google and Spry Fox) but the theme and program is now solid.

During GGC you’ll meet with publishers and hiring managers and learn more about getting in to the established industry, while the local studios might inspire your startup. Board of Innovation will show us how to create new opportunities by innovation and business development.

We tie all of this together by listening to developers with experience in monetization and metrics driven design, and talking to platform providers to find out where HTML5, Unity, Adobe Flash (and hopefully NACL) is heading.

Practical stuffs;

Student presentations and the bulk of jury-play-testing is taken care of during a “private” booth crawl on thursday evening the 24th. Thus, friday and saturday are conference (with games running before and after the program). Friday evening will feature a few hours of public play (“Opening Expo”, while jury/speakers/staff socialize elsewhere). Saturday ends with a big bang. πŸ™‚

… also; the registration is open and the tickets are limited (registration closes 18th of May).