Speakers and Jury (so far)

A huge chunk of the GAME department is traveling to Leeuwarden (Netherlands) tomorrow, to hang out with our friends at NHL Hogeschool for a week. Before leaving (which we do in… you know. five hours?) we wanted to publish the list of confirmed speakers and jury members.

With apologizes for the passive-agressive formatting, lack of titles, contexts or even logos. But hey; names and companies. More t/k. 😀

(and yes, the registration system will be online shortly. … it’s just – we got it delivered in Swedish. :P)

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FalconShield Music

Josef Falkensk̦ld Рthe one man freakshow band behind the Swedish metal wonder. The diabolic architect of the dance-band renaissance during the 21th century. The fifth member of ABBA.

A self employed composer and sound designer for various media, when he’s not busy touring the world with the Rolling stones he’s making noise for a variety of different gaming companies. And making money in the process…

Today however, he visited GAME to talk to our students about music and sound effects in games. Mucho cool.

Next week we’ll try and visit the students in the dungeons their offices. Stay tuned!

The first concept pitch

A week has gone by and it’s time for the first year students to pitch their arcade concepts to the department staff.

Marcus Ingvarsson – the primary instructor of the first year students – claims these people (his people) will kick the teeth out of every other year this education ever saw.

Not that he’s partial or anything. 🙂

Keep Calm And Dont Blink!

10 weeks of Project Runway brutal production starts today.
2nd year students kicking off their big production course, lead by Adam Mayes (Sci, Psygognis, Crysis)
We’ve got 15 first year teams, 12 in the second year. The third year is mostly doing thesis work, so we’re expecting 2 games and a massive art gallery. The fourth year is still shrouded in myth and mystery.
Adam Mayes (Sci, Psygognis, Crysis) will be your guide on this 10 week tour of spectacular hope and despair!
The countdown has started; it’s time to earn that spot in front of the jury and on the showfloor.