A very important part of the Gotland Game Conference is the student show floor, and presentations. Before the conference starts proper, our students make formal presentations of their projects to an expert jury; exposing themselves and the university to insightful critique from a panel of industry personas. This has been a crucial part of our education’s quality assurance since 2001.

For 2014 we have;

First Year (E22, Marcus Ingvarsson)

  1. Anders Vang Pedersen, Head of Studies at GameIT College
  2. Vilya Svensson, Lead Artist at Pixel Ferrets [GAME Alumni]
  3. Mirjam Palosaari Eladhari, Senior Lecturer at University of Malta
  4. Ylva Sundström, Project Manager, GameDuell [GAME Alumni]
  5. Jerry Belich, Monkey Theater
  6. Brendon Trombley, Quest 2 Learn
  7. Ernest Adams, professor at Uppsala University

Second Year (B51, Håkan Mattsson)

  1. Joakim Sjöberg, Editor-In-Chief at PowerGamer.se
  2. Anton Albiin, Educational Officer at the Swedish Game Industry
  3. Fred Ström, Lead Animator at Pixel Ferrets [GAME Alumni]
  4. Peter Stråhle, Technical / Lead Artist at Might and Delight [GAME Alumni]
  5. Carsten Orthbandt, Managing Director at pixeltamer.net
  6. Novi Flink, Game Designer at Avalanche Studios [GAME Alumni]
  7. Jason Scott, Internet Archive
  8. Eduardo Iglesias Lezaun, Conductr

Third Year (E31, Jakob Berglund Rogert)

  1. Max Tiilikainen, CEO Meow Entertainment [GAME Alumni]
  2. Jasmine Idun Lyman, Founder of Story architect and Collaboratory
  3. Teddy Sjöström, Lead Programmer at Pixel Ferrets [GAME Alumni]
  4. Jonas Linderot, professor at Gothenburg University
  5. Jean-Baptiste Huynh, CEO of WeWantToKnow
  6. Jan Jaap Severs, founder of Grendel Games
  7. Colleen Macklin, professor at Parsons New School of Design