Pervasive games: Bringing stories to life

In the near future, people will live in multiple realities, leading parallel lives in which they assume many fictional identities.
For Season 4 of Game of Thrones, Transmedia Storyteller brought the world of Westeros to Spain – allowing fans to immerse themselves in a massive multiplayer roleplaying game, encompassing video, social media, email, live events, physical locations as well as online and mobile.

This talk will look to our workflow and design process, how we use stories and technology to engage audience and a brief glimpse to the future of gaming as we see it.

About Eduardo

EduardoEduardo Iglesias is a Creative Technologist at Transmedia Storyteller in London. Since graduating from college with a degree in Computer Science he has been interested in games developing. After creating some amateur games he moved to the UK and start working for Transmedia Storyteller creating pervasive games and transmedia experiences. Always interested in creating immersive storyworlds in which the players can live “parallel” lives, and how we can use technology to achieve it.