The Ten Commandments of Games and Learning

Jonas Linderoth at the GGC
The idea that games have something to offer educational practices is a foundation for both new research fields as well as emerging industries. Since both games and educational practices are diverse phenomena the discussion about their connection is a multifaceted affair that comes in different shapes. For example, games are said to have qualities that increase student motivation, provide a more authentic learning experience, teach systems thinking, facilitate collaborative problem-based learning, and contain system mechanics that can be harnessed by other sectors (i.e. gamification). In other word it is basically a complete mess.

In this talk, Jonas summarizes 15 years of experiences from being a part this mess. He condenses the discussion down to 10 commandments that any stakeholder in the debate should be aware of.

About Jonas

Jonas Linderoth is an associate professor at the Department of Education, Communication and Learning, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Jonas’s academic interest is about perception, learning and cognition during gameplay.

Jonas Linderoth