Our students’ games in San Francisco

Our first year students are tasked with creating games using non-standard input devices – ie. not a controller or keyboard and mouse. They often end up having to build custom hardware as well as program the games. What does that mean, in practice? It means that we have a great many weird and wonderful games on our showfloor (for you to play!).

Three of the games from last year were selected by the alt.ctrl.GDC organizers, to exhibit at the Game Developers Conference. Those students just returned a few days ago, and judging by the press, they did well over there! So we thought, let’s gather up all the coverage they earned! (and encourage our readers visit Gotland in June to experience the 2018 games before anyone else!)

First out was Make: Magazine who interviewed 1st year student Eric Osana for Pump the Frog at 7:56:

Kotaku loved Totally Not a Game Studio’s “Grave Call“. It’s a fantastic 2-player game where one of the team has been buried alive, and the other is a police operator trying to find them. The best part? The buried player actually climbs into a coffin.

Scott Manly, felt the same way about this claustrophobic experience, and both tweeted and recorded video from the show floor:

His video cover a bunch of the games, including Grave Call at 3:31 and Yo! Bartender at 4:50

Anita Sarkeesian / Feminist Frequency also tried Grave Call (at 2:55):

Other outlets that wrote about our student games includes Polygon, The Verge, Tom’s Guide and Newsweek!

Of course, reading about these games is not the same as playing them! If you want to try our new games out (without having to travel to the US to do so!), come to our conference in June! We even have a Pay What You Want-option for you, to get full access to ~50 entirely new games, plus a series of unique presentations trying to uncover the emotional potential of games. It’s also a great opportunity to meet our students and faculty, if you’re interesting in studying game design and development.

You can get your tickets here!