The Jury

The jury consists of a diverse set of individuals from around the world, who volunteer their time and experience to listen to our students’ presentations, play all of their games and deliver the awards for outstanding achievements. Each member brings their own distinct expertise and share that insight directly with the students at the Gotland Game Conference.

London-based artist Karen Palmer, on jury duty at the Gotland Game Conference 2015
London-based artist Karen Palmer, on jury duty at the Gotland Game Conference 2015
  1. Adam Wrange, Level designer, The Outsiders
  2. Alex Lusth, 3D Character Artist, KING
  3. Andrija Bernik, PhD Lecturer at University North, Department for Multimedia, Croatia
  4. Anton Albiin, Education & HR, Association of Swedish Game Developers
  5. Charlie Edmunds, Lead Gameplay Programmer, CD Projekt RED
  6. Daniel Gustafsson, Unity developer, MAG Interactive
  7. Danielle Unéus, Producer, Eat Create Sleep
  8. Emelie Rodin, Founder, BetterBuilt Studio
  9. Erik Starander, Environment Artist, The Outsiders
  10. Philip Karlsson, Systemutvecklare, Riksantikvarieämbetet
  11. Henrik Jonsson, Executive Producer, Goodbye Kansas Game Invest
  12. Jennifer Jenson, Professor, The University of British Columbia
  13. Jens Berglind, Lead Programmer, Might & Delight
  14. Josefin Westborg, COE Lekreativ and Lajvbyrån, Gothenburg
  15. Joshua Juvrud, Developmental Psychologist, Uppsala University
  16. Kate Edwards, founder, Geogrify
  17. Lisa Wackenhuth Svanström, 3D Artist, Star Stable Entertainment
  18. Martine Pedersen, Social consultant and founder, IndSpark
  19. Mike Sellers, Director of the Game Design Program, Indiana University
  20. Nayomi Arvell, CEO, Miltonic Games
  21. Niklas Eneqvist, 3D Artist & Art Team Manager
  22. Oscar Eriksson, System developer, Fripero
  23. Peter Stråhle, Lead 3D Artist / Technical Artist, Might & Delight
  24. Rabi Afram, Dev Manager / Agile Test Lead, King
  25. Rasmus Lindgren, IT konsult, Thalamus AB
  26. Richard Bartle, Professor, Essex University
  27. Tobias Peulicke, Lead Environment Artist, Toadman Interactive
  28. Tom Cristofferson Hedberg, Client Developer, Thunderkick AB

Highlighted names are speakers at the conference. See the full program here.
Names in bold are alumni from this education – welcome back! 😀