Gotland University have been teaching game development since 2001. The GGC is an annual (very public!) evaluation of our work. International industry, academia and press are invited to help scrutinize our output, hone our process and celebrate our results.

Students kick start the event with presentations of their projects; exposing themselves and the university to insightful critique from an experienced panel of industry personas.

We then proceed with a two day conference; talks on a wide range of topics are interspersed with networking on the show floor, amongst the student’s games.

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There are many problematic attitudes and patterns of exclusions in our industry, in our field of study, in our culture, in our virtual worlds, in the stories we tell and in the communities that form around our work.

We feel an obligation to speak up. As the future of this industry, we need to make sure that our students do not graduate to be part of the problem. We must make sure that our educations are a part of the solution, and this years conference is our attempt to kick-start that process.

GGC 2013 will be a gathering of international game designers, writers, artists, producers, HR managers – every outspoken, solution oriented feminist allied mind from the international games industry, -press and -academia.

We want to cover a range of subjects – from why our educational systems seem to fail for women in STEM subjects, and what we can do about it; to how we can create and maintain safe spaces in and around games.

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Wisby Strand is one of the most modern conference centers in Europe and is located next to Gotland University in the the medieval city of Visby.

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Wisby Strand Congress & Event
Strandvägen 4
621 55 Visby, Sweden


Gotland Game Conference 2013 is hosted by Gotland University.
Event Producer is Ulf Benjaminsson at the department of Game Design, Technology and Learning Processes.

Email: Phone Number:
[name].[lastname] +46 (0)498-299129