Presentations from the Convergent Media Lab

Convergent Media Lab

13 papers from Gotland University’s Convergent Media Lab presented in a high velocity format.

Take a break from playing the games on the show floor by joining us in the Linden-room and see some bleeding edge tech and the work we’re doing with it.

Tuesday 16:00 – 17:35
Room “Linden“ @ Wisby Strand

  • 16:00
    Introduction of CML
    Steven Bachelder
  • 16:10
    Joakim Andreasson
    Building Blocks of the Online Arena (A closer look at the nature of resources and objectives present in competitive multiplayer games)
  • 16:15
    Pelle Boström
    Modeling Fish Schooling Behavior based on attractiveness
  • 16:20
    Youssef Khatib
    Stealth Play and examination of play styles
  • 16:25
    Kakee Lau
    Mo-cap shoot-list framework though reverse engineering of in-game animations
  • 16:30
    Jonas Lewis
    Framework for automated web conversion for Text to Vision (T2V)
  • 16:35
    Masayuki Nakajima
    Introduction to Lego Builder and 3D-Computer animation digital textbook
  • 16:45
    Masaki Hayashi
    Introduction to 4K-Virtual museum and Text to Vision (T2V)
  • 16:55
    Cyril Lebras
    3D-objects in the 4K Virtual Museum
  • 17:00
    Clementle Feuvre
    Kinect UI for the 4K-Virtual museum
  • 17:05
    Mateo Grippon
    Text to Vision (T2V)
  • 17:10
    Steven Bachelder
    Measuring Engagement in Computer and Video Games
  • 17:20
    Rajesh Santhanam
    The Emotive Neuroheadset
  • 17:25
    Mael Gadbois
    Demonstration of the Emotive Neuroheadset
  • 17:30-17:35
    Steven Bachelder