Where Do We Go From Here?

10 years ago the cry went up for diversity within the game industry. Conferences were held, talks were given and the industry seemed set for change.

Today, however, diversity is considered “old news”. Attendance at diversity conferences is dropping. Talks on diversity at conferences are almost nonexistent. There was even a talk given at GDC in 2012 on how minority groups are no longer necessary. Yet minorities still occupy less than 10% of our workforce and #1ReasonWhy rocked the industry. What’s going on?

This talk will deal with the history of the diversity movement within the games industry and where it got off track. We will discuss strategies for reframing the diversity message so as to reestablish a productive and profitable relationship between diversity and business.

About Sheri

Sheri Graner RaySheri Graner Ray is the Studio Design Director with Schell Games and has been designing computer games since 1989. She has worked for such companies as Electronic Arts, Origin Systems, Sony Online Entertainment, KingsIsle and Cartoon Network, and she has worked on such licenses as Star Wars Galaxies, Ultima, FusionFall, Wizard101, Nancy Drew and a host of unpublished things.

She is author of the book, “Gender Inclusive Game Design-Expanding the Market” and is the game industry’s leading expert on gender and computer games. In 2005 she was awarded the IGDA’s Game Developer’s Choice award for her work in gender and games.